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One Month of the Copyright Claims Board

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It has been a just over a month since the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) first opened its doors and the first 70 cases in it have been filed. .

Australia and Canada Tackle the Issue of Requiring Financial Support for Traditional Media from Online Platforms: Will the US Follow?

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Sony Flags Its Own Website for Repeat Copyright Infringements


Copyright holders send out millions of takedown notices a day, hoping to remove pirated content or making it harder to find. The efficacy of the DMCA takedown process is open for debate but it certainly doesn’t help when companies flag their own websites as copyright infringing.

Testing the Bounds of Copyright Protection in Choreographic Works: Hanagami v. Epic Games, Inc.

IP Watchdog

In a recently filed suit involving the popular videogame Fortnite, the Central District of California faces an important question regarding copyright law: does a copyright in a registered choreographic work extend protection to a smaller portion of the work when that portion is copied by a third party and implemented as a dance move in a video game?

IPO Diversity in Innovation Toolkit

Women and diverse employees have the technical skill and knowledge, yet their contributions are not patented at the same rate as those of their male counterparts.This toolkit can help organizations move the needle on achieving gender parity in innovation.

3 Count: Time’s Side

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Court of Appeals Rules That a Timely Filed Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Can Recover All Damages, No Matter How Long Ago They Occurred.

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127 Russian Cinemas Resort to Piracy, Movie Boss Says: “I Don’t Blame Them”


When Vladimir Putin gave the order for the latest stage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he knew two things for sure: 1) there would be consequences but 2) they wouldn’t affect him. Five months later, the consequences are indeed being felt globally, but no more acutely than in Ukraine.

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Derrick Brent to Be Sworn in as Next USPTO Deputy Director

IP Watchdog

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced today that Derrick Brent will serve as the Office’s next Deputy Director. According to the announcement, Brent hails from both the public and private sectors, most recently serving as a consultant advising startups on IP and other issues.

3 Count: Oof… Again

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: RIP Roblox’s Famous ‘Oof’ Sound, Which Has Been Removed.

What Are Common Law Trademark Rights?

Erik K Pelton

Did you know that a brand can acquire some trademark rights without registering at the USPTO? Erik explains what these common law trademark rights are and how they work. The post What Are Common Law Trademark Rights? appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC.

Pirates Liberate Games From To Send Message To Activision Blizzard


When videogames first began hitting the market more than 40 years ago, budgets were low, expectations were low, and customers were easily pleased. Today’s market has taken all of that and turned it on its head.

IPWatchdog’s Second Annual Meeting, LIVE 2022, Is Less Than Two Months Away

IP Watchdog

IPWatchdog’s Second Annual Meeting, IPWatchdog LIVE 2022 is less than two months away. Originally planned to start on March 16, 2020, we had to cancel our inaugural annual meeting when the pandemic shut the world down.

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3 Count: Roblox Battle

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Megan Thee Stallion, Big Sean Sued for ‘Willful’ Infringement on Collaboration ‘Go Crazy’.

Trademark Applications: What You See vs. What You Don’t

Erik K Pelton

The following is an edited transcript of my video Trademark Applications: What You See vs. What You Don’t. I’ve always been intrigued and fascinated by great magicians – I love watching Penn & Teller for example.

Record Labels and ISP Bright House go to Trial over Pirating Subscribers


Three years ago, several of the world’s largest music companies including Warner Bros and Sony Music sued Internet Provider Bright House Networks. The recording labels accused the provider of not doing enough to stop pirating subscribers.

Music 104

USPTO Director's Blog Post Extolling Certainty in § 101 Determinations Paradoxically Increases Uncertainty

JD Supra Law

Kathi Vidal, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (at right) released a blog post on the USPTO's Director's Blog on Monday addressing the fraught subject of subject matter eligibility under 35 U.S.C. §

When Children Plagiarize

Plagiarism Today

Last week, Jamila Lemieux at Slate published an edition of her Care and Feeding advice column with an unusual question involving a young author who committed plagiarism.

@MMercuriadis on the @CMAgovUK’s Whiff on the Streaming Report

The Trichordist

Hipgnosis CEO Merck Mercuriadis rallies the troops after the unfortunate report from the UK's Competition and Markets Authority. brokenrecord Music Streaming Songwriter News Songwriter Rights streaming meltdown Hipgnosis Merck Mercuriadis UK Competition and Markets Authority

Pirate IPTV: Five Charged Following RCMP Cybercrime Investigation


The world of pirate streaming and IPTV services is one of intrigue. Like the internet itself, it’s a web of interconnected networks populated by devices, ad hoc groups, and individuals who can appear in one place, only to pop up in another.

USPTO to Expand Initiatives for Under-Resourced Inventors and First-Time Filers

IP Watchdog

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Director Kathi Vidal penned a blog post today announcing several new programs aimed at expanding the U.S.

3 Count: That’s So Meta

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Ninth Circuit Boosts Efforts to Sue Overseas Copyright Infringers.

Poor Planning by Music Streaming Services Does Not Constitute an Emergency?

Copyright Alliance

Many years ago, I had a former boss who had a variety of inspirational quotes mounted on the walls of his office that are now somewhat commonplace to see in […]. The post Poor Planning by Music Streaming Services Does Not Constitute an Emergency? appeared first on Copyright Alliance. Policy

GeoComply Expands VPN ‘Piracy’ Detection By Blocking Residential IP-Addresses


VPN services are a useful tool to protect internet users’ online privacy. In addition, they can also help to bypass geographical restrictions. The latter can be helpful if people want to access the content library of a streaming service in another country.

Faux Outrage Over Patent Friendly Court Leads to WDTX Order Curbing Albright Caseload

IP Watchdog

Yesterday, Chief Judge Orlando Garcia of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas issued an order that, in Garcia’s words, will “equitably distribute” new patent cases among the district’s 12 judges.

Wind Turbine Patents Extend to Outer Continental Shelf

JD Supra Law

In a ruling having major implications for the offshore wind industry, the Federal District Court of Massachusetts held in May 2022 that patent law applies to wind turbines attached to the seabed within 200 nautical miles of the coastline.

Albright sideline dulls allure (and fear) of Texas court: in-house

Managing IP

Counsel at three NPEs, two tech companies, a law firm and a litigation funder reveal what the random distribution of patent cases in Waco means for their strategies. Default News United States Patents IP Strategy

Roblox Fights DMCA Subpoena Targeting Up to 460K Innocent Gamers


Earlier this month we reported on what initially appeared to be just another DMCA subpoena application to identify an alleged infringer. The finer details are available here and relate to Christopher Boomer, the developer behind Roblox titles including Weight Lifting Simulator 2 and Muscle Legends.

This Week in Washington IP: Cybersecurity in Civil Space Operations, Coordinating Patent Data Between the USPTO and the FDA, and Innovative Ideas for Modernizing Congress

IP Watchdog

This week in Washington IP news, committee hearings at the U.S. House of Representatives focus on several topics related to technology including improvements to civil space procurement activities to promote cybersecurity in space systems, the use of facial recognition technology by U.S.

Bausch Health Ireland, Ltd. v. Padagis Israel Pharms., Ltd.

JD Supra Law

Case Name: Bausch Health Ireland, Ltd. Padagis Israel Pharms., 20-5426 (SRC), 2022 WL 1606961 (D.N.J. May 20, 2022) (Chesler, J.) Drug Product and Patent(s)-in-Suit: Duobrii® (halobetasol propionate / tazarotene); U.S. Patents Nos. 10,251,895 (“the ’895 patent”) and 10,426,787 (“the ’787 patent”).

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 with reference to Maharashtra

IP and Legal Filings

Government of India enacted the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 and the act came into force with effect from May 1, 2017.

IP 83

HeHeStreams: Pirate IPTV Owner Admits Cybercrime, Forfeits $500K


There are many options for those seeking a cheap pirate IPTV package but it’s rare for any single provider to offer consistently solid streams, in decent quality, and at a fair price. HeHeStreams was one of the few to exceed expectations.

How brands can manage metaverse IP risks

Managing IP

Sources say a well-considered pre-launch strategy coupled with necessary registrations, licences and plans for consumer control can help brands mitigate risks. Default Analysis International IP Strategy Trademarks Blockchain and NFTs

[Video] 5 Key Takeaways | Current Perspectives Around the Convergence of Life Sciences and IT

JD Supra Law

Kilpatrick Townsend Partners Andrew Serafini and Patrick Njeim recently joined other thought leaders as featured speakers for the IP Symposium: Current Perspectives Around the Convergence of Life Sciences and IT.

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Buy-Back Of Securities Of Companies In India

IP and Legal Filings

A share re-purchase, often known as a buyback, occurs when a firm purchases its own existing shares in order to decrease the number of shares accessible on the stock market. Companies can invest in themselves through buybacks.