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Lawyer Sanctioned for Plagiarizing Opposing Counsel

Plagiarism Today

The boundaries of plagiarism vary wildly depending on the type of, the field that it is in, and the expectations of the audience. For example, a fiction author isn’t held to the same standards as an academic scholar, who isn’t held to the same standards as a songwriter.

The DEPA : A Good Beginning, but a Blind Spot re Intellectual Property? (Let’s Take a “DEPA Dive”)

Hugh Stephens Blog

Among the plethora of plurilateral trade agreements covering the Asia Pacific region and beyond—the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), and the Pacific Alliance—there is yet another— one you may not have heard of. The DEPA.


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Government Moves to Block Dozens of Potential Witnesses as it Shuts Down Bill C-18 Hearings

Michael Geist

Earlier this year, the government deployed disturbing anti-democratic tactics by repeatedly cutting off debate on Bill C-11 in both the House of Commons and during clause-by-clause review of the bill.

House of The Dragon Season Finale Leaks Early on Pirate Sites


The debut of HBO’s “ House of the Dragon ” in August didn’t disappoint. Since then it has averaged dozens of millions of views per episode. The show was also an instant success on pirate sites where, in true Game of Thrones spirit , it was leaked before the official premiere.

IPO Diversity in Innovation Toolkit

Women and diverse employees have the technical skill and knowledge, yet their contributions are not patented at the same rate as those of their male counterparts.This toolkit can help organizations move the needle on achieving gender parity in innovation.

The Ethical and Legal Challenges of GitHub Copilot

Plagiarism Today

Earlier this week, developer and professor of Computer Science at Texas A&M Tim Davis took to Twitter to highlight how GhitHub’s artificial intelligence coding tool Copilot, was producing code very similar to his own, showing a side-by-side comparison of the two snippets.

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Government Funding For an Anti-Semite: They Knew For a Month. And Did Nothing.

Michael Geist

The Laith Marouf/CMAC incident took another turn today as Globe and Mail has a report that the Prime Minister’s Office knew for a month that the government was funding an anti-semite as part of its anti-hate program. And it did nothing.

RIAA Flags ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Music Mixer as Emerging Copyright Threat


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that’s frequently used by startups and established businesses in the tech industry. In some cases, it refers to little more than advanced algorithms, but complex self-learning computer systems with human-like traits are actively being developed as well.

Music 101

3 Count: The Blacksmith Shop

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Miley Cyrus Settles Paparazzo Copyright Dispute.

Berkeley Law & Technology Group, LLP is Seeking a Patent Agent

IP Watchdog

Berkeley Law & Technology Group, LLP, a law firm specializing in intellectual property, is seeking a Patent Agent licensed to practice before the USPTO. We serve a diverse group of clients, including large and small companies in various technology areas.

Exploring SBOMs and Software Escrow: Strategies for Securing OT Supply Chains

JD Supra Law

“Timely and secure information sharing can bridge the gap between vulnerability and security.” This was a key message from a recent webinar on ICS & OT Supply Chain Risk Management presented by Information Security Media Group.

Will the Copyright Royalty Board approve Big Tech’s attempted cover-up? 

The Trichordist

By Chris Castle [This MusicTechPolicy post appeared on Hypebot] There’s an old saying among sailors that water always wins. Sunlight does, too. It may take a while,… Read more "Will the Copyright Royalty Board approve Big Tech’s attempted cover-up? ".

Kevin Kruse Cleared of Plagiarism Though Questions Remain

Plagiarism Today

Back in June, we looked at the case of Kevin Kruse , a Princeton professor known as “history’s attack dog” for his criticisms of right-wing talking points, in particular on Twitter.

White Paper Proposes Solutions for Overhaul of Section 512

IP Watchdog

The International Center for Law and Economics (ICLE) released a white paper on Thursday arguing that Section 512 of Title 17 of the Copyright Act has been a failure, and it should be reevaluated and overhauled.

Broadcast Bonanza: PBO Says Bill C-18 Would Give a Quarter Billion to Broadcasters Such as Bell and the CBC, Less Than 25% of Payments to Canadian Newspapers

Michael Geist

Pirate Sites That Rip-Off Other Pirate Sites’ Branding Are About to Regret It


Ten years ago the High Court in London ordered all major ISPs in the country to block The Pirate Bay. The injunction couldn’t stop the site from operating but indirectly left its mark in more insidious ways.

3 Count: Noisy Hill

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: RIAA Flags ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Music Mixer as Emerging Copyright Threat.

Letters Seek to Dispel Gene Patent ‘Scaremongering’ Surrounding Tillis’ Patent Eligibility Bill

IP Watchdog

Last week, the leadership of the Judiciary Committees and IP Subcommittees from both houses of Congress received letters seeking to address misinformation being presented by critics of the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act, a bill proposed by Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) that would abrogate several U.S.

The 5 Ws of Copyright Registration

Erik K Pelton

What is a copyright registration? Who can register? When should you register? Where is a copyright registered? And finally, why would you want to register? Learn more in this episode. The post The 5 Ws of Copyright Registration appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC.

Despite Expert’s Submissions No Clarity on Section 52(1)(za) of Copyright Act, as Parties Settle!


In May, 2022, we reported that the Delhi High Court appointed Prof. Arul Scaria, under Rule 31 of the IP Division Rules 2022 , as an expert in a copyright dispute, for assistance in interpreting the nuances of Section 52(1)(za) of Copyright Act.

AWF v. Goldsmith: The Need for a Workable Standard of “Transformativeness”

The Illusion of More

The Supreme Court on October 12th heard oral arguments in Andy Warhol Foundation (AWF) v. Lynn Goldsmith, and presumably every copyright nerd (pro and con) was listening.

USIPA Survey Shows Most Americans are in the Dark on IP

IP Watchdog

Yesterday, the United States Intellectual Property Alliance (USIPA) issued the results of a nationwide survey designed to determine the level of intellectual property awareness among American adults.

Fifth Circuit Denies Patent Owners’ Attempt To Formalize PTAB’s Discretionary Denials

JD Supra Law

In 2021, an organization of patent owners and various patent-holding companies sued the USPTO in the Eastern District of Texas. The patent owners sought to force the USPTO Director to engage in notice-and-comment rulemaking regarding the standards for discretionary denials under 35 U.S.C. § 314(a).

Bungie Unmasks ‘Cooperative’ Cheat Dev in Wake of $13.5m Award


In response to mass cheating in Destiny 2, last year Bungie began filing lawsuits against entities involved in the creation and distribution of cheating software. One of the lawsuits targeted Canadian company Elite Boss Tech, its alleged owner, and around 20 ‘John Doe’ defendants.

Copyright and Licensing Around the World

Velocity of Content

A lot has been happening in the world of copyright and collective licensing since my last update. Important judicial decisions have been announced and legislative plans have been published in several key jurisdictions.

Federal Circuit Hands Zillow a Win, Ruling IBM Map Display Patents Cover Abstract Ideas

IP Watchdog

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) today issued a precedential decision finding that two IBM patents directed to technology that allows users to select and view results on a map were directed to ineligible subject matter under 35 U.S.C. §

EPA Proposes Including 'Fugitive' Air Emissions for Major Source Permitting

JD Supra Law

The US Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed a rule change that would formally repeal a 2008 rule and require all existing major industrial facilities to include “fugitive” emissions in preconstruction evaluations of major modifications for purposes of triggering New Source Review permitting. By: Morgan Lewis

Law 87

Manga Piracy Sites Targeted in US Court Have Reappeared in Russia


Over the past few years, rightsholders in Japan have shown new urgency in their fight against piracy. Strict laws on home soil mean that overseas pirate sites pose the biggest threat and with that, new sets of challenges.

Is a Standard by Any Other Name Still a Standard?

Velocity of Content

In Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet , Juliet ponders “What’s in a name?…That …That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet,” suggesting that names do not define but are merely labels used to distinguish one thing from another.

Unified Patents is Seeking a Full Stack Developer

IP Watchdog

Unified Patents is a private, subscription-based company that is disrupting the patent market. The team is searching for a full stack web developer who can develop both client and server software, preferably in the Bay Area.

Managing IP Rights for Technology Projects

JD Supra Law

Effective management of intellectual property is crucial in the contracting stages of technology projects. Various types of intellectual property can be subject to protection in an agreement and may receive different types of treatment.

Neutral Intermediaries are Not Notorious Piracy Markets, Coalition Warns


Earlier this month, several prominent copyright holder groups sent their annual “notorious markets” recommendations to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR). The U.S.

CCC at Frankfurt Book Fair

Velocity of Content

After three years, CCC is thrilled to be returning as a participant in this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

This Week in Washington IP: U.S. Cyberspace Strategy, Cryptocurrency Regulation, and Discussions with Former U.S. Trade Representatives

IP Watchdog

This week in Washington IP news, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is hosting events on blockchain and drafting provisional patent applications, while the Brookings Institution is hosting an event on the regulation of cryptocurrency markets.