August, 2022

How to Paraphrase Correctly

Plagiarism Today

Paraphrasing is an important skill for any writer to have. Simply put, it is the means through with which authors convey information that they learned from outside sources in their own words. . Simply put, all writers, in particular non-fiction writers, need to be able to do this.

Why a Million-Subscriber Channel is Suing YouTube

Likelihood of Confusion

I represent Business Casual in this matter. The post Why a Million-Subscriber Channel is Suing YouTube appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. DMCA Business Casual


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The Omegle Case: Another Nail in the Coffin of Section 230

Hugh Stephens Blog

You may never have heard of Omegle–or perhaps you have. It is an online platform that allows people to meet and talk to total strangers online through video links. Participants are randomly paired but there is also a form of self-selection by indicating shared interests.

Netflix Piracy Thrives as Subscribers Rethink Their Streaming Subscriptions


As the first major legal subscription streaming service on the Internet, Netflix paved the way for a streaming revolution. The company began competing with piracy from the get-go, branding itself as a superior alternative. In the early years, the strategy paid off.

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IPO Diversity in Innovation Toolkit

Women and diverse employees have the technical skill and knowledge, yet their contributions are not patented at the same rate as those of their male counterparts.This toolkit can help organizations move the needle on achieving gender parity in innovation.

The Federal Circuit’s ‘CAR T-Cell’ Decision: Courting a Disaster for American Innovation

IP Watchdog

The only president ever to obtain one, Abraham Lincoln knew the essential role patents have played in the scientific and technological innovations that have driven American growth and prosperity since the founding of the republic.

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RightsClick Offers Simplified Copyright Management

Plagiarism Today

For independent creators, every hour spent working on one’s copyright is an hour not spent on creating new work or running their business. As such, many creators either neglect their work’s copyright protection or pay someone else to handle it, often at great cost.

Lawyer Sanctioned for Failing to Play Call of Duty

JD Supra Law

Since at least 1984’s The Last Starfighter, videogame players have dreamed that the time they spent playing games would be rewarded. Recently, a federal judge supplied the inverse, sanctioning a lawyer for failing to play enough Call of Duty. By: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

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The Incoming Tide and it’s Relation to Copyright: Jim Denevan’s Ephemeral Creations

Hugh Stephens Blog

“Time and tide wait for no man”, Geoffrey Chaucer is reputed to have said back in the 14th century (although versions of the saying predate Chaucer). King Canute proved the truth of this parable in his unsuccessful attempt to command the tide to recede.

‘Pirate’ App Developer Uses DMCA to Remove ‘Stolen’ Copy from GitHub


GitHub is no stranger to copyright complaints. Last year, the developer platform removed nearly 20,000 projects in response to DMCA takedown notices. These takedowns can target all sorts of content.

A Plea to Senator Tillis: Words Matter in Section 101 Reform

IP Watchdog

In U.S. government, setting public policy is the sole and exclusive domain of Congress. The laws they pass effectuate the public policy positions that Congress alone has the power to set. In law, words are everything.

Bye, bye quia timet patent injunctions?


Image from here. ‘Quia timet’ ? Makes no sense to you? Makes no sense to me either, especially after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Patil Automation v. Rakheja Engineers.

The First 100 Cases at the Copyright Claims Board

Plagiarism Today

The Copyright Claims Board (CCB), better known as the “copyright small claims court”, became a part of U.S. copyright law in December 2020 with the signing of the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act). .

[Audio] From Accidental Entrepreneur to a $2.5M raise, with Cycle Labs' Josh Owen

JD Supra Law

Josh Owen never looked at himself as an entrepreneur. He formed his first company Tryon Solutions to do some consulting work, and before he knew it, the company had grown to the point where it had about 100 employees. For Josh, it was time to try another idea, which required funding. Even after a $2.5M

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Copyright’s International Conventions: The Importance of Membership Part II (The Rome Convention)

Hugh Stephens Blog

Last month I wrote about the importance of international copyright treaties, using US accession to the Berne Convention as an example. United States accession was strongly supported by US copyright industries and has brought the US many benefits.

Denuvo Promises to Kill Nintendo Switch Emulator Piracy With New Protection


Most video gamers will be familiar with the concept of an end-of-level or end-of-game ‘boss’ They take many forms but tend to present as an escalated challenge designed to prevent gamers from progressing any further.

CAFC ‘Unambiguously’ Backs USPTO in AI as Inventor Fight

IP Watchdog

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) ruled today in Thaler v. Vidal that an artificial intelligence (AI) machine does not qualify as an inventor under the Patent Act.

3 Different Ways to Overcome a Likelihood of Confusion Trademark Refusal from the USPTO

Erik K Pelton

Arguments, consents, and cancellations are the potential ways to overcome a likelihood of confusion for a trademark application. Learn more about these three and the different office action response situations in this episode.

A Frustrating Pagan Plagiarism Scandal

Plagiarism Today

Earlier this month, Pagan author Mat Auryn took to Twitter to highlight what he said was a very clear case of verbatim plagiarism of his work.

At the COPA: Patent Alliances and the Real Satoshi Nakamoto

JD Supra Law

The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) is a prominent (and possibly the only) defensive Crypto patent alliance. COPA advertises that it was “formed to encourage the adoption and advancement of cryptocurrency technologies and to remove patents as a barrier to growth and innovation.”

Connecting Online Platform Audiences to News Media Content: Is There A “Missing Link”? 

Hugh Stephens Blog

Last week I talked about developments in Australia, Canada and the US regarding how to find ways to require large online platforms that aggregate news content for their users to share some of their digital advertising revenues with the producers of that content, namely news publishers and broadcasters.

Reddit Bans ‘/r/PiratedGames’ for Excessive Copyright Claims


Reddit is without doubt one of the most popular user-submitted content sites that exists on the Internet. The community-driven platform has “subreddits” dedicated to pretty much every topic you can think of. These generate a constant stream of discussions and links, some more useful than others.

Tillis, Leahy Introduce Legislation Mandating Reports, USPTO Improvements on Patent Quality

IP Watchdog

Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) today announced the introduction of the Patent Examination and Quality Improvement Act of 2022, which is aimed at “evaluat[ing] and improv[ing] the patent examination process and the overall quality of patents issued by the USPTO,” according to a press release.

The Recipe for Strong Trademark Protection

Erik K Pelton

The following is an edited transcript of my video The Recipe for Strong Trademark Protection. The recipe for strong trademark protection is a very simple one.

The Challenge of Determining Podcast Plagiarism

Plagiarism Today

On July 26, journalist and author Jonathan M. Katz took to Twitter to call out the Chilluminati Podcast for allegedly plagiarizing from his book, Gangsters of Capitalism.

Trademarks as a Barrier to Free-Speech: An Examination of the MetaBirkins Dispute


We are pleased to bring our readers a guest post by Abhijay Srekanth and Vivek Basanagoudar on interaction of trademarks with free speech. Abhijay Srekanth is an LLM candidate at the Queen Mary University of London specialising in IP, and a recent graduate of Jindal Global Law School.

A Failure of Responsibility: My Reflections on Canadian Heritage Funding an Anti-Semite and Being Wrongly Called Racist by a Sitting MP

Michael Geist

It is thankfully not everyday that a sitting Member of Parliament uses social media to suggest that you are racist.

Austrian ISPs ‘Had No Choice’ But to Block Pirate Sites AND Cloudflare


In common with many countries in Europe, Austria couldn’t escape pressure from rightsholders to implement site blocking to prevent piracy.

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High-Risk, High-Capital Investments Lead to Breakthrough Cancer Treatments

IP Watchdog

Everyone knows someone whose life has been impacted by cancer, be it a parent, a sibling, or a friend. But it is rarer, perhaps, to know a family touched by pediatric cancer. Yet, cancer is the second leading cause of death in individuals under 14, impacting?nearly

A Guide to Our Website at

Erik K Pelton

Our website is packed with information, resources, videos, and much more exploring the world of trademark protection and registration. In this episode, Erik guides us through some of the key features available at

Academic Influence Releases Free Tool to Detect Ghostwriting

Plagiarism Today

Recently, the website Academic Influence, best known for its custom college ranking tool , released a free tool that it says can help instructors detect ghostwritten content.

IPAB Orders – Where Art Thou? (And Here’s Our Backup Copy)


When I tried using Internet Archive’s wayback machine to see if it had archived any information from the IPAB website, I got this amusing error!

AI Need Not Apply: Federal Circuit Holds Artificial Intelligence Cannot Be an Inventor

JD Supra Law

On August 5, 2022, in Thaler v. Vidal, No. 21-2347 (Fed. 5, 2022), the Federal Circuit held that an artificial intelligence (“AI”) system cannot be listed as an inventor on a United States patent.

Private Torrent Site User Faces Prison After Sharing 40 Movies


The vast majority of BitTorrent users prefer ‘public’ torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay. There are no barriers to entry and no rules to follow. It’s quick and convenient. Private torrent sites work on a membership basis, with an invitation required for entry.