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‘Widevine Dump”: Leaked Code Downloads HD Video from Disney+, Amazon, and Netflix


With more ways to stream online video than ever before, protecting video continues to be a key issue for copyright holders. This is often achieved through Digital Rights Management, which is often referred to by the initials DRM.

Recipes Aren’t Copyrightable, No Matter How “Exciting” They Are–Coscarelli v. Esquared

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

This case involves vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli , the first vegan to win Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. That win made her a legend in the vegan community, and she has parlayed her fame into some great vegan cookbooks.


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2021 Year in Review: Noteworthy Precedent for Patent Litigators

JD Supra Law

As the world marched forward in the face of the lingering covid-19 global pandemic, the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit followed suit, issuing several noteworthy decisions of which patent litigators should be aware in 2022. Selected decisions are summarized below.

Top Trademark Trends of 2021 (Meta TMA edition)

Erik K Pelton

Top Trademark Trends of 2021. By Erik Pelton®. 2021 was a busy year in the world of trademarks. The uncertainties of COVID in a second year couldn’t stop huge application filing numbers and many developments in the world of trademarks.

‘Wandavision’ Is The Most Pirated TV-Show of 2021


At the end of every year, we take a look at the most-downloaded TV episodes among torrenting pirates. For several years in a row the list was headed by Game of Thrones but that reign came to an end last year after the series ended.

Fifth Circuit Issues an Important Online Jurisdiction Ruling–Johnson v. HuffPost

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

This is the most interesting Internet personal jurisdiction opinion I’ve read in years. I know that sounds like damning with faint praise, because many of you cannot find much enthusiasm about any jurisdiction ruling. Well, get excited about this one.

Alpek Polyester, S.A. v. Polymetrix AG (Fed. Cir. 2021)

JD Supra Law

While the Federal Circuit has patent law as its principal focus, as a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, questions come before the Court on more mundane, procedural matters (which, sometimes being dispositive, does not reduce their importance to the parties and occasionally the rest of us).

More Trending

Court Orders WhatsApp To Block Groups Sharing Pirated Newspapers


Sharing copyrighted content online is certainly nothing new but over the years the sharing mechanisms have expanded to incorporate new methods of distribution.

FAQ: What is Patentability vs Freedom to Operate?

Determining patentability and freedom to operate is essential to the ROI your organization will see from an invention. Conducting both patentability and FTO searches at strategic points during the innovation. The post FAQ: What is Patentability vs Freedom to Operate?

Name, Image & Likeness (NIL): Three Key Legal Issues Facing Businesses in College Athlete Endorsement Deals to Date

JD Supra Law

The commercial landscape of college athletics has experienced significant change in recent months. The release of the new NCAA “interim policy,” prompted in part by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in NCAA v.

Twitter Can’t Quash a 512(h) Subpoena

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

This case involves the Twitter account “@ CallMeMoneyBags ,” a pseudonymous account. In October 2020, the user posted 6 tweets attacking Brian Sheth , a private equity billionaire, that included photos “depicting a woman or portions of a woman’s body.”

Startup Uses Blockchain and Pirate Sites to Pay Filmmakers Directly


When we first read about White Rabbit years ago , we initially dismissed it as yet another attempt to make pirates voluntarily pay for the content they consume. We have seen a few of these services come and go over the years.

Cinema 103

Best of 2013: Arnold Palmer and the Perfect Brand

Likelihood of Confusion

As seen in the Benny Goodman case in the TTAB, celebrity, brand power and trademark rights may outlive a celebrity’s peak performing years, but will bear fruit only as long as the roots. The post Best of 2013: Arnold Palmer and the Perfect Brand appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™.

Year in Review: Top Legal Developments of 2021 Impacting Biosimilars

JD Supra Law

As we close out another calendar year, we look back at the top legal developments of 2021 that could influence the market for biologics and biosimilars. There were many interesting decisions and other developments in district court, at the Federal Circuit, at the PTAB, and even at the ITC. .

Retweets Didn’t Reset Defamation Statute of Limitations–Crosswhite v. Reuters

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Benjamin Crosswhite traveled in Jerry Falwell Jr.’s ’s orbit. Reuters published allegedly defamatory stories about Crosswhite in August and September 2019. Crosswhite sued Reuters for defamation in March 2021.

U.S. Court Denies Access to Defendant’s Hard Drive in Online Piracy Case


Strike 3 Holdings is a familiar name in U.S. federal courts. This year alone the adult entertainment company has filed hundreds of lawsuits against alleged BitTorrent pirates.

My assorted past

Likelihood of Confusion

What, you didn’t know? This week @overlawyered looks back at its guestbloggers starting with @roncoleman @foolintheforest @WilliamBaude [link] — Walter Olson (@walterolson) August 8, 2016 You’ve got to check that. The post My assorted past appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™.

PTAB Sets Motions and Times in Broad vs. Sigma Interference No. 106,133

JD Supra Law

Following a telephone conference held on August 16th between the Board and representatives of Junior Party the Broad Institute, Harvard University, and MIT (collectively, Broad) and Senior Party Sigma-Aldrich, the Board issued its Order on September 20th authorizing motions and setting times under 37 C.F.R. §§ 104(c) and 121.


Looking at PPVFR Authority’s cancellation of Pepsico India’s Extant Potato Variety Protection


We’re pleased to bring to you a guest post by Arun Mohan on the recent order by the PPV & FR Authority dated 03.12.2021 in the “revocation application relating to FL 2027- Kavita Kuruganti” Arun has been a regular guest blogger for SpicyIP and you can find his bio and posts here and here.

Amazon, Lee Child & John Grisham Win $7.8m Judgment Against eBook Pirates


In a summer 2020 lawsuit , Amazon Content Services, publisher Penguin Random House and several authors including John Grisham and Lee Child, accused several pirate eBook sites of infringing their copyrights.

The Recipe for Strong Trademark Protection

Erik K Pelton

Did you know that the recipe for storing trademark protection requires just a few ingredients? In this episode, Erik discussed those ingredients and the steps needed to create a delicious dish of brand protection for your business. The post The Recipe for Strong Trademark Protection appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC. Did you know that the recipe for storing trademark protection requires just a few ingredients?

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. v. Corcept Therapeutics, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2021)

JD Supra Law

There are some cases where the Federal Circuit makes its decision based on the eternal verities of patent law (insofar as there are any eternal verities in patent law).

Role of Patent Professionals

IP and Legal Filings

With growing inventions, inventors are gaining prominence and expertise in their field. The main crux lies in the fact that the inventions are there for revolutionizing the field.

Do Pirate IPTV Customers “Support Human Trafficking & Arms Trading”?


There is no doubt that over the past 20 years, online piracy has transformed in many ways. While still not completely dead, the original “sharing is caring” ethos is now overshadowed by what is a largely commercial web of for-profit piracy services.

Nine First-Timers are Added to the ‘Top-100 Global Innovators’; Japan Lost Three spots, France Two

IP Close Up

Nine companies were added for the first time to Clarivate’s 2021 list of the Top 100 Global Innovators, including a few relatively unknowns: BorgWarner, ASUS, Bose, Continue reading.

Protecting Cannabis Trademarks in Anticipation of Federal Legalization

JD Supra Law

As more states legalize cannabis, companies are dealing with the absence of national trademark uniformity. Currently, there is no legal mechanism to obtain a trademark to sell cannabis across state lines. Instead, companies are limited to state-wide trademarks.

Delhi High Court grants interim injunction to Novartis against Natco’s use of Revolade patent 


image from here. The Delhi High Court recently granted an interlocutory injunction to Novartis against Natco’s use of Eltrombopag Olamine (EO).

Art 74

TorrentFreak’s 12 Most Read Articles of 2021


Every year we write hundreds of articles here at TorrentFreak, and some are more popular than others. On the brink of the new year, we look back at 2021 by going over the twelve most read news items of the last 12 months. All in all, it was quite a controversial year once again.

Two Supreme Court IP Cases to Watch in 2022

IP Watchdog

As of today, the 2022 Supreme Court docket is light on intellectual property cases, with the Court having granted review of only one copyright case.

IP 105

Photo publisher’s checklist: Seven New Year’s legal resolutions for your website

JD Supra Law

As we near the end of the 2021, here are seven resolutions – not including the obligatory “get in shape” or “be more organized” – that you may want to consider for 2022. Copyright Ownership.

Understanding Freedom to Operate (FTO) Concerning IP & Patents


Three pharmaceutical companies, including Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Micromet AG, and Cambridge Antibody Technology (now acquired by AstraZeneca), in September 2003 announced signing a non-exclusive cross-license agreement.

IP 72

India Expands Piracy Blocklist to Tackle ‘Hydra Headed Rogue Websites’


The closing weeks of 2021 have been packed with new pirate site-blocking orders around the globe. From Australia through the UK to Spain , several courts granted new blocking orders to make it harder for the public at large to access pirate sites.

IP 85

SEPs in Europe and Beyond: Highlights From 2021

IP Watchdog

Even as Europe and the rest of the world continued to face the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the development of 5G and other Standard Essential Patent (SEP)-enabled technology standards has continued at an unabated pace.

A Generic Motivation Is Still a Motivation

JD Supra Law

INTEL CORPORATION v. QUALCOMM INCORPORATED - Before Prost, Taranto, and Hughes. Appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Summary: A “generic” motivation to combine that has broad appeal or applicability is not deficient so long as it is supported by more than conclusory expert testimony.

EPO consults on patent grace periods (again)

The IPKat

The EPO has launched a user consultation on grace periods for patents, the results of which will be published in early 2022 ( EPO press release ). The EPC as it currently stands does not permit a grace period in which inventors may disclose their invention without prejudicing a future patent filing.

Judge Throws Out Triller Lawsuit Against ‘Jake Paul’ Pirate Streaming Site


After eight months, Triller’s legal campaign against sites that allegedly streamed the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren boxing match on April 17 is still ongoing.

The IP Developments that Mattered: Insiders Shed Light on the Headlines of 2021

IP Watchdog

The new year is just a few days away, and it is once again time to ponder the biggest moments and events in the world of intellectual property from the previous 12 months.